Friday, July 15, 2016

June 3rd -June 6th California

The Gospel gives me EVERYTHING in my life that is great, and helps me through the things that are not so great. 

Scott and I eat at the Edgewater Grill 

 Put your trust in that Spirit which leadeth to do good—yea, to do justly, to walk humbly, to judge righteously. … “… [Then] whatsoever you desire of me [in] righteousness, … you shall receive.” I LOVE that doctrine! It says again and again that we are going to be BLESSED for our DESIRE to do good, even as we actually strive to be so. Elder Holland you rock! I love this doctrine too! 

 We ate at Galaxy Taco's with Jessie, Jason and Owen also but they had to leave early because Jessie had a wedding. They have amazing avocado tacos!
 Granny is trying to clean out her house and she gave these to me! I am super happy and so grateful. I have been looking for gold wear. 
 Saying good by is always hard. We had a great visit with Granny and Frank

Labor Day Family Swim

I just want to make the rest of my life the best of my life. Zig Zigler
We had a great family swim day. The weather was perfect. I love spending time in the pool with my family and my grandchildren. 

May 27, 2016 family cabin trip

Clayton really had to go potty!

Norah, Clayton and I hike to the pond the throw rocks in. They didn't want to go at first bout I talked them into the hike and they loved it! Scott brought Ian down  in the Rhino. The kids love throw rocks in the pond. Carlie came down and went on a small hike with them. It was a beautiful day. 

May 26, 2016 Geoff comes for a day.

Geoff had a training for Solar City. So he came for the day. We went to lunch together then he took a nap and worked for our house. Then he flew home to Stacy. I loved having him here. Geoff works for Solar City in Colorado. He is the manager for Colorado and he loves it and is doing great. I am so proud of him.   

Monday, May 23, 2016

Bike ride up Provo Canyon

A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot, and realize how blessed you are with what you have. Zig Ziglar

Today Scott and I went on a bike ride up Provo Canyon. It was the perfect weather. I went to Karve this morning. First time in 5 weeks. It was a little hard. When I got home Scott wanted to go on a bike ride. It was good to get out on our bikes. I am a little slow for Scott but he his patient with me. We sat by the river and enjoyed the river and the beautiful weather. We live so close to the Canyon, We need to take more advantage of it.

MaCoy's 9th birthday

May 22nd is MaCoy's birthday. Norah, Clayton and I went after Church to give him his birthday present. It was fun to see him share with Norah and Clayton and let them shout the water gun. Macoy is good with Norah and Clayton. When we go watch Boston play baseball he entertains them and they love him. MaCoy is a lot of fun!

Clayton's Preschool Graduation and Mater

 Clayton graduated from Kid's Village Friday May 20th
 Clayton is the sweetest boy and I loved that I got to pick him up from School this last year. He would cry if someone else picked him up. (I think it's because I have a DVD player in my car)
 Clayton is a great student and very smart. I am so proud of him!
Mater is the rustiest, trustiest tow truck in Radiator Springs. He loves tractor tippin', helping out stranded cars, and most of all, hanging out with his best friend, Lightning McQueen.

Clayton love The Movie Cars and he loves Mater. I saw this the other day and thought of him. I took and picture and sent it to him.