Friday, May 25, 2012

Rylie graduates from Liahona Preparatory Academy Class of 2012

 Way to go Rylie
 Chole, Lydia, Rylie, Brothder Degaff and Sister Degraff 
 Proud parents

 Beautiful Rylie and Stacy
 Beautiful Carlie and Rylie
 Rylie and Chelsea 
Rylie and Aunt Judy

Way to go Rylie. We have loved our Education at Liahona. For us it has been such a blessing to go to this great school and have the Gospel of Jesus Christ taught with the secular education. Our Rylie has such a passion for US History and our Constitution. Love this school 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life is good

Found this picture the other day. The joy of motherhood. How they have grown and become their own persons. Jessie married with one beautiful little girl. (Norah) and one one the way. A boy who Jessie and Jason refer to as baby C. Geoff married to his high school sweetheart Stacy. Working for Vivent. Working in DC this summer. Carlie working her dream job at Amara as a hair stylist and loving it. Rylie graduates from Liahona and then going OHS for fun and to get and little more education and social life before collage.   I am so proud of each one for my children and the great blessing it is to be a mother.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

May Luncheon at Tammy's

 Me, Tammy, Karen, Rachael, and Jackie. Annette is taking the picture.

 Beautiful, yummy salad
 Cheese stuffed crepes with Polano sauce 

Love the dessert so delicious!!  

Thank you Tammy. The food was so good, your table beautiful and conversion was delightful. Loved it!! 

Pool is opened

 Norah can't get enough
 Carlie wanted to be the first in. But she is second one in

 Jason diving in

It's going to be so fun with Norah this summer. WE love the back yard and the pool. It's so fun for our family. Come swimming with us!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers day

She made me a mom, for the first time. What a blessing
 She made Jessie a mom
 He spoils me
 He spoils her
 Scott spoils all of us

 Yummy salad 
 Yummy Quiches and Fruit Tart  from Elaine French Bakery here in Orem

 We had a wonderful mothers day. The food was so yummy and very easy. I made fudge in honor of my mother. Every Sunday growing up that is what I remember her making fudge. She loved it and so did I. We sat outside and let Norah run around and we read my mother Patriarchal blessing. She has a beautiful one and many of the blessings she was promised she had been bless with. I really miss her and am grateful her wonderful for her example that she is of a mother.
We missed Geoff and Stacy. Geoff is in DC selling for the summer and Stacy spent the day with her mom. We did face time with Geoff.

Friday, May 11, 2012

After 40 years Debbie graduates from BYU

 Debbie and Mark
 Judy, Debbie and I (sisters are the best)

 She is so happy
 It was a party!

Debbie has 7 kids and they all live in Arizona. The all came to celebrate. Some even bough their kids. We had a house full. But we also had a lot of fun. So proud of you Debbie. Your just cool like that. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

More of Cabo

 Each night we did scriptures gratitude and prayers

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Food in Cabo

 Pina Colada Rachel's favorite 
 Emily so tired she fell asleep before her food came. 
 This everyone's favorite place to eat

 We had tacos pool side. So fun and so yummy!!

In Cabo one of the best parts is all the good food. This is my favorite dish ever!! This is a Pecan Chicken with Poblano sauce over the top. I crave it!! More pictures to come.