Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mekk's 1st Birthday Party August 2015

 Mekk and his friend Rock Poulsen 

 As Stacy would say the first cake was a bust. 

Grandpa Jack, Scott, Barb, Geoff, Stacy, Sue, Doug and the main event Mekk

 Geoff decorating the cake. Good dad!

Stacy gave Mekk such a fun first birthday party. It was a ball themed and Mekk loved it. The food was yummy and it was fun watching Mekk play with his friend Rock in the balls and on Mekk's new car. Mekk is darling. He loves balls and is a Mama and Daddy's boy. We don't see him as much as we would like to. But he warmed up to us. 
I love this Video of Mekk! Happy Birthday big boy!

Mekk's 1st Birthday August 22 2015

 Good morning Birthday boy!

We went to a local park that had a little splash pad. Doug and Sue Stacy's parents and Stacy's grandpa Jack were there also. We brought a picnic lunch. It was fun watching Mekk play in the water and sand. Mekk loves his dad and always puts his arm around Geoff's neck like this. It is so fun to see Geoff as a dad. Stacy and Geoff are such good parents.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Morning hike in Colorado August 2015

 Road trip selfie 
 We saw a harmless garden snake. 
 Stacy and Geoff are great parents!

We saw three rattlesnakes, 2 regulars snakes and a few frogs

Went to visit Geoff, Stacy and Mekk and celebrate Mekk's 1st birthday. We really loved Colorado and see why Geoff and Stacy are happy there. The weather was beautiful. Great hike but I was scared to death when I saw the rattlesnakes. Mekk is adorable!

Valentine's Day/Weekend Celebration

Thursday night we went to Sundance for dinner. The Foundry Grill. Scott had his favorite a wedge salad, roasted Brussels sprouts and Garlic fries. I had the Pork chop. Her is a picture of our divine desert brownie in a pan with peppermint ice cream.  

We went to the cabin on Friday afternoon for a romantic get away. We stopped a Costa Vida for lunch. Our favorite.  

Saturday afternoon to the Provo Temple for a session. My favorite temple. 

Today we will celebrate our family love for each other with a yummy family dinner. 
Here is a little love advice from a Prophet of God Harold B. Lee
"As I look at the experiences of our brethren and hear their testimonies, I become persuaded of one great truth: Whenever the Lord has a great blessing for one of his children, he puts that son or daughter in the way to make a great sacrifice....
"If in this day the Church rises to the call of the First Presidency, and if Church members sacrifice of their means, their time, their talents for the upbuilding of the kingdom of God, not withholding their own lives, if that were necessary, then there will come to this people, and to that individual who thus is willing to consecrate himself, the greatest joy that can come to the human soul.
"God bless us that we might teach our youth the way by which this happiness will come, and let us plan our [activities] for youth in such a way to give youth the opportunity to [serve] their leaders rather than for their leaders to make all the sacrifice for the benefit of youth. Give them the joy of service and expect from them such sacrifices as may be necessary to build the faith necessary to lay hold upon eternal life (1 Tim. 6:19)."

We played a love walk. (like cake walk)  We walked around until the music stopped and when we landed on the heart we read what it said. Some were do jumping jacks, tell us what you like about______. Give the person on your right a hug. Tell the person on your left that you love them. Etc. The grand kids liked it. We celebrated love.

I shared with Scott what I love about him/us. I LOVE the way he takes care of everyone. He is a strong good provider. I LOVE the way he loves me. I feel love and appreciated. I LOVE that we go to bed each night together. I LOVE that we snuggle. I LOVE his playfulness and he makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face. I LOVE that he loves The Lord and has faith is Christ. I LOVE how he is a human doing. Always doing and getting things done. I LOVE how I feel loved. 
Happy love day!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Elders Love Disneyland Trip from September 2015

 We went to Disneyland as a family the week of September 7

 Ian and Mekk
 We ran into Rachel and some of her girls

 Clayton and Norah 

 Toy story Mania one of our favorites
 Norah at the Princess dinner
 Small world with the whole family!!
 My cute Clayton with the hat Granddaddy bought him
 Jessie and Jason's lobby of the Hotel  
Naples Pizzeria in Down Town Disney.

We stayed in a VRBO home near Disneyland. Jessie and Jason stayed in a Hotel. We had a great time. Our family has a love for Disney!! This trip was planned awhile ago. Carlie went in 2014 over the week of Labor day and the lines were not that long. So we thought it would be a good time to go as a family. Well I guess everyone else heard the something and  decided it would be a good week. So it was a little crowed. We still had a great time. This is what I put on Instagram-

Disneyland with my peeps!! It was hotter then @&$% but we survived  It was a blast!!

"Life with you makes perfect senses, you're my best friend!" Tim McGraw-My favorite people EVER! All thirteen of us!! A lot of laughing, smiles and chasing kids. I feel blessed!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Provo City Center Temple

Entitled to nothing, grateful for everything! Temples bless my family! I am grateful! 

A special tour of the brides room in the new Provo City Center Temple 
with the ladies I love in the YSA 4th ward. And my sister and my daughter Rylie. So beautiful! I love the house of The Lord.💜

Provo City Center Temple is such a blessing to our community. What a blessing to be able to go thorough with those you love. Geoff and Stacy live out of town and Carlie is working a lot or out of town. Each girl got a handkerchief with the temple embroidery on it.

Carlie graduated form Liahona Academy in the Prove Tabernacle. Which is now the Prove City Center Temple. I hope this is where Carlie chooses to be married. Carlie is amazing and deserves the very best!