Thursday, June 30, 2011

Norah's 1st birthday.

Don't you just love that face 
She loves corn on the cob
She LOVES the pool
She loves books
She got a baby doll. I don't think she knows what to do with it
But the slide was a big hit

We had a small party for Norah on Monday. We ate good food, swam and opened presents. Jessie is throwing a big party on Saturday. Granny is coming, and we are so excited. Happy birthday Norah!! We love you!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rylie going to Girls Camp

Sister Nielsen and Rylie
Canyon View Stake Girls camp. 

Rylie left Monday for girls camp. I am so excited for her. They go to Heber Valley camp. It is beautiful. Beautiful cabins, refrigerators, stove tops. The girls love it. Our ward does an amazing job of making girls camp fun and spiritual. My girls have gained a greater love for their Savior and for his Gospel at girls camp.Thank you to all the YW leaders and the time you take to give to these Young Women!   

First swim of the season

Rylie was the first one in the pool this year. This is the end of May
Grace, Lydia, Katelyn and Rylie

It was a cold day and the pool was a little cold but Rylie and her friend couldn't wait to get in. Having a pool as been so fun and a blessing for our family. We have had a few pool parties already this summer and look forward to the one on Saturday celebrating Norah's birthday!  

Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy birthday Norah. Your are a great joy and blessing to our family!

Cheryl, Granny, and Me (Grandmothers, and Great Grandmother)
Uncle Geoff and Aunt Stacy

Happy Granddaddy
Norah swimming with Jessie
Aunt Rylie and Aunt Carlie
Love this picture
Norah driving the Rhino
Norah loves her mommy
I love to sew for Norah

Happy birthday Norah. We will celebrate! You have been so fun. We just can't get enough of you. You make us smile and laugh. We look so forward to more baby Evans to bring us lots and lots for joy. Love you!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Calie's last Cheer Banquet

Carlie with Couch Carly
Seniors on the squad  
Sariah, Carlie and Cassidy
OHS Squad 
Carlie and I made the White and Blue chocolate popcorn
Each year the girls give out awards. Carlie's was the best mom award. The younger girls loved her. At Disneyland Carlie took care of the girls. The all called her mommy.

This was Carlie's last year as a OHS Cheerleader. She loved it and enjoyed her coach and all the girls. I am proud of Carlie. To balance Cheer, Seminary and hair school wasn't easy. Way to go Carlie!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Norah went swimming.

Norah went swimming for the first time this year. Not sure she loved it. Every time Rylie went under the water she would cry. She better get use to it, because this is what we like to do in the summer time at our house. She is adorable we can't get enough of her.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lincoln Marshal Dastrup a good family friend.

Ernie at his wedding with Lincoln as his best man.

Linda is the beautiful blonde. Growing up we knew her as Lindie. This is Lincoln wife.
Lincoln's mom Shirlee Dastrup
Some of Lincoln's grandchildren. The cute boy is Boston.

Linclon and my brother Ernie were childhood friends. Linclon's dad Rue was my father's good friend when I was younger. He helped activate my dad into the church. This family is a wonderful family and Lincoln will be missed. Jarom, Lincoln's son, is Geoff's brother-in law. Small world.  

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rylie, Lydia and Katelyn a day is SLC

I took Rylie, Lydia and Katelyn up to Salt Lake Temple to do baptisms in the SL temple. Then we did a little of Temple Square then to Crown burger for lunch. Yummy to Rylie! She loves it. Then we went to Brigham Young's grave. Then we spent an hour looking for gravity hill by the capital. We couldn't find it but we had fun looking.  Then we went to the Salt Lake City cemetery, to see the grave sites of Later day Prophets.  Those pictures to come soon. We had a great time!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Carlie's senior send off. Canyon View 9th ward

Sara, Carlie and Cassidy 
This is a display of a few things about Carlie. Carlie sews, Carlie cheered, Carlie got her YW award, Seminary graduation, Carlie crochets, and her senior pictures.  

The Canyon View ward does a senior send off for all the seniors. They have the dad's introduce the girls. Scott did a great job. He told how Carlie is named after her Auntie Carlie on Scott side of the family. She was a wonderful women who helped raise Scott. Talked about Carlie's determination. How when Carlie puts her mind to it she can do anything. What a great daughter she is. etc... 
Carlie we are so proud of you and know that your going to do great things.