Thursday, March 29, 2012

Old Sacramento

The last day of our trip Debbie and I went to Old Town Sacramento. We didn't have much time. So we didn't get to shop much. But we still had a great time we laughed a lot and bought some candy.  Thanks Debbie for the good time. Sisters are the BEST!!

Reconnecting with my cousin Donna Hairman

Debbie and I drove to Oakland to visit with our cousin Donna. We went to lunch by the pier and enjoyed catching up with on another. This is what Donna said on FB. It was so fun!!
After 35+ years, finally reconnected with my cousins who now live in Utah and Ariz. I remember them as little, lively, skinny kids, always wanting to ride the horses, or bounce off the walls. What a pleasure to see them again! —

Debbie and I went to Auburn. This is were I was born.

 When we went on our sister's trip in 2007 we stopped and eat her in Coloma Calif.
 Debbie, Barbara Lynn and I
 Barbara Lynn and Jeff 

We enjoyed visiting Auburn. Debbie has a great memory of our years in Auburn. I was just a little girl when we lived her. I love traveling with my sisters. It was fun having Barbara Lynn ( my cousin)  and her husband Jeff.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


 My dad and  his niece Elaine 
 My cousin Jeff, his wife Sharyn , myself and my sister Debbie.
 Lila my dad's wife and myself.

The one on the right is my cousin Barbara Lynn. 

Debbie and I went to California to celibate my Dad's 85th birthday. Debbie is really in to family history and so is Barbara Lynn. They to stories about our family and share some history. We had a wonderful time. It was fun to see my cousin Jeff. I haven't seen him for over 30 years. It was so fun. More pictures to come

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy birthday to Stacy!

We celebrated Stacy's birthday at Malawi's. We really enjoy the food and the company. We missed Jessie, she had a collage roommate come in town and had other plans. Jason come. ( we just love him) We love Stacy and are so grateful she is a part of our family. We all said a few things we like about Stacy. Here are a few. She is crafty and teaches us to be more crafty. One of my girls said she feels like she grow up with her and is just like a sister. Scott said he likes that her and Geoff make a great team and Stacy is a good support to him. Jason said that he likes that she is so good with Norah. I like everything about her. She is amazing and has done some great things and will do many great things. I like that she want to be a mother and that she loves Geoff and supports him and cares for him. Stacy I adore you!!

Makaye Strong's baby shower

We had a great time and wonderful food. Makaye will be a great mother.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our cat Oreo pass away last Friday. We are so sad

Oreo came into our lives nearly 15 years ago. He was a stray kitten that ran into our home on a rainy Saturday morning when our kids let a painter into our home. We had recently had another cat pass away from old age that I had had since I was 19 years old. The kids wanted another cat to replace "Kitties" but I said that stray cats make the best pets and we'd have to wait until a stray came along. On that day when Oreo came through our front door, either Jessie or Geoff yelled out, "Hey dad, it's a stray kitten, you said if a stray came to our house we could keep it." I was in my bedroom when all of this was happening. Without even coming out see the kitten, and without hesitation, I replied. "Yes, we can keep it." Because he was black and white a friend of Jessie's (who I think was at our home at the time) said "Name him Oreo." And so we did. Oreo was very ill with a respiratory infection and ear mites. We nurtured him back to full health and he always appreciated us for that. Oreo was with us during the growing up years of all of our children and was much more than a pet - he was a member of the family. Oreo and I became very close. I'm an introvert and I spend a lot of "alone time." But much of my alone time at home included Oreo with me. He liked to be with me when ever he could. I work from my home so he was with me a lot... in my office, when I watched the news at night and when we watched a movie in our theater. Oreo loved his family. He always knew when we were having family scripture time and family prayer. And without needing to call for him, he would always show up at these times to listen to the scriptures being read and be with us for family prayer... because he was part of the family and he knew it. He was very much loved by his family, and he very much loved his family. I will dearly miss Oreo.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Homecoming at Liahona. A little late.

 Carlie did her hair. 

This was a while ago. But I wanted to get these on my blog. Rylie went with Andrew Boyle. GREAT kid. He was such a gentlemen. He and Rylie have been friends for a long time. So fun.