Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rylie's Senior Pictures 2013

Thank you Jessie Alexis Photography 

End of Year Cheer Awards Dinner

 Rylie and Brittany Bascom 
 All the Seniors 

 Rylie and Abby Lee (we love Abby)
 Emily and Rylie
Brittany and Rylie

Rylie had a super great year at OHS for her senior year. She loved cheering and had the best of friends and the best coach EVER!!!

Sister Allen and Sister Gray.

They left in April 2013
 Carlie and Summer
 Judy, Lacey Kyle and Russell 
Mark, Debbie, Summer, Lacey, Judy and Russell

Sister Summer Allen went to Saint George Visitor Center and Sister Lacey Gray went to Canada, Edmonton Mission. I was able to see Summer a few times while she was in Saint George. Lacey came home November 2013 and Sumner came home October 1 2014. 

Here is the good bye videos!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Pirate's Cove

In May of 2013 Scott, Carlie, Rylie and I went to Pirate's Cove in Las Vegas with a group of our friends. We were the guest of Kirk and Jackie Williamsons. It was the most amazing place!!