Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our wonderful weekend at the cabin.

Our weekend at the Cabin was a lot of fun. We had 13 people there. Rylie brought a friend and Carlie brought 4 friends and Stacy came with Geoff. We played outside in the snow. Jason was so excited to make a snowman. The first Christmas Jason was in our family we made a snowman. The snow was great this weekend for making a snowman. Jason is very proud of the snowman. We played a lot of games. We love our new board game Stone age. But the game that was played the most was Werewolves. Carlie's and Rylie's friends loved it. What a blessing the cabin is for our family.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cousins are the best. (so are girls friends)

Sean Merrill the boy in the orange shirt is from Arizona and is going to BYU Idaho. He came down for the week-end. We had the two cousins with their girls that are friends over for dinner. Geoff, Kyle and Sean are very different but because they are cousins they love each other and enjoy getting together. I love family and Sunday dinners.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Having a Grand baby girl is going to be a lot of fun!

A lot of love at Liahona.

Liahona had a Valentine-O-Gram. The kids had a great time sending thier friends love notes.Valintines day is a lot of fun.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Rylie and Homecoming pictures.

Rylie went to homecoming at Liahona ( you can go at age 14 with out a date) with Esther, Grace, Hanah Harkness and Lydia Finlinson. So much fun. Lydia and Rylie have been friends for ever. What a good friendship they have.

My beautiful daughter Carlie with her date for homecoming Brandon Nichols

Carlie, Brandon, Andew Humpheys, and MaKay Strong, and the Long boy who's date they still needed to get. They went to Brick Oven for dinner then to to the dance. Such good kids. Carlie had a wonderful time and looked so pretty. So much fun for a mom to see your daughter with good kids have some good clean fun.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It a girl!!! Jessie had wonderful food for everyone and I had my friend make cupcakes and put Jelly Belly in side the cup cake with the right color so we would all be surpised together. Jessie had us wear the color that with thought the baby would be. You all told me pink I should of listened. I chose to wear both colors because I just didn't know and  it didn't matter to me but Scott picked pink and he could not be happier. You can see with the hug he gave Jessie they both have tears in their eyes. Pink pink pink. I like PINK!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

We get to find out what Jessie is having tommrrow!

My daughter Jessie is pregnant with her first child and learns the gender on Tues. When the Dr. finds out the gender he'll put the results in an envelope. Jessie is taking the envelope to a bakery where they will bake either a blue or pink colored cake. People attending will wear either pink or blue to show their guess. When the cake is cut it will "reveal the gender." What color should I wear?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oquirrh Mountian Temple and girls day.

My neice Cami lives in Day Break it is right next to the Oquirrh Mountian Temple. Beautiful place and beautiful home. We had a great luncheon and had fun making chocolates and eating chocolates and then we went to a cute art and gift show. The Old sweet Sadie! It had beautiful clothing , origianl home decor, hats, everything for baby, jewelry galore, and much more. We had a wonderful time and we love to be together. The beautiful babies are Courntany's girl Zeoy and Cami's boy David. We missed Jessie ( she went to Disneyland) and Kathy (she lives in Colarado.) The Oquirrh Temple is beautiful. I am grateful Carlie, Rylie and Lacey were able to go. Thanks Cami for hosting. Love ya!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Liahona Homecomeing Week

I just had to post this picture. Today was Flashback Day at Liahona for Homecoming week. This is what my girls did for flashback. Go Carlie love the hair.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lds Mormon messages on Youtube

Sometime when I am feeling a little sad or discourage I go to
I am always lifted and receive comfort or a little more hope. I am thankful for mormon adds. I can sit and watch a few and began to feel the spirit, and feel God's love for me and my love ones.

I got a new sewing machine and I love it! It's a Bernina.

I have enjoyed sewing a few things. The top bag is my new scripture bag. I have been taking a Book of Mormon class, and I can't get enough. I have this book that I use to study with .
 "The Book of Mormon made easier"  by David J. Ridges. So I needed a bigger bag.

I guess I am teaching Rylie's Mia Maid class how to make head bands. So I had to learn. I went on the internet and did a google search for " How to make a raw edge head band this is what I got
Check it out the internet is so cool.

Carlie is going to Homecoming at Liahona.

This was a mess and Carlie was not happy. 
But she was happy about who asked her.
More pictures to come.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My dear sweet boy is going to Cleveland Ohio!

Geoff is going to Cleveland for the summer to sell Alarms for APX. He leaves in April and won't return until Sept. Again I will miss him and pray everynight that he is safe and being watched over by our Heavenly Father.