Friday, December 31, 2010

Bring in 2011 at the Elder's home.

We played Kinect. 
We played ping pong.
We celebrated with noise.
We played pool.
We had good food.

Jason is a good dancer.

Carlie and Rylie had a group of friends over to bring in the New Year. We had a good turn out and a lot of fun. Scott went to the Cabin with Geoff and Stacy and a group of their friends. I missed him. Happy New Year!!! 2010 was great! I look forward to 2011!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merrill family Christmas 1960

Merrill family Christmas in 1960. I am the blond girl with my mouth open. My sister Judy is not in the pictures. She is a new born and is probable sleeping. The pajamas are ones that my wonderful mother made. She is the best. I miss her!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve at the Cabin

We are so cute!!
You are so handsome!!

We had a wonderful time at the cabin. More pictures to come. This is Christmas eve. We, like a lot of you open pajamas on Christmas eve. We also have the kids draw names and open those gifts. This year Scott had a gift for us. He had an object lesson for us. He has not played the guitar for 27 years. He does not sing. So he wanted to teach us a lesson about putting yourself out there. He has been practicing  for 2 months. He played the guitar and sang Silent Night. He did a great job. We were all so surprised. He challenged us to do the same, in the coming  year to put ourselves out there. Do something that we want to do but are afraid to do. I have been thinking a lot about this. I will report after I do it. But I am going to do it!! 

Merrill family Christmas party.

Beautiful Zoey.
Handsome Davey
The white elephant gift exchange
Beautiful Norah
Cami's yummy dessert
Lindsay and Trent
Jessie and Jason.

Each year we have a Merrill family Christmas party. Its a lot of fun. We eat dinner, play games and have fun with the white elephant gift exchange. We enjoy having Cami, Dallin, Carter and Davey come down from SLC. They love to party and play games. Judy's family comes and our kids. We do a lot of laughing!!

Wedding gift for Stacy.

Stacy had asked Geoff to draw a picture of the San Diego Temple for her. He is an amazing artist. Stacy loved it!!

Nike quilt.

Carlie made her friend Brandon this quilt for Christmas. He loved it. He is a big fan of the Lakers (thats why the purple,and gold). He is also a big fan of Nike brand. Very proud of Carlie she worked hard. I think he loved it.

We love our Webelos

Scott and I got called to be Webelos leaders. This is not our comfort zone. We are making the best of it. Our scouts are so fun and very cute. Scott is the most amazing scout leader. We are making stands for their pine wood derby.  

Monday, December 20, 2010

12.11.10 Geoff's and Stacy's wedding reception.

Stacy and Geoff. 
The Helsten family.

The Elder family.

Yummy food.

The food was so yummy!! Stacy's family did all the food. Amazing. The salads came for WinCo  supermarket. The cookies from Smart cookies in American Fork. Donuts from Krispy Kreme. Stacy's family made the dipped pretzels. My friends and I made the Oreo Pops. (thank you Jackie, Breta, and Rachael.)
I had someone call me today and ask who was our caterer. Way to go Helstens.
I want to thank everyone for their love and  support and coming to the reception. It was a great success. Geoff and Stacy felt very loved. Stacy said the other day that it was everything she dreamed of.

12.4.10 USA Regional Competiton.

Carlie and the OHS cheerleaders.
The girls did awesome at their first competition of the season!
We took 3rd out of 9 teams in our competition routine- so awesome, especially with 2 falls!
and first in our Home pom routine!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wedding Day.

Scott, Geoff and Jason.
Lila, Geoff, Stacy, and Grandpa Merrill.
Geoff, Bishop Mella and Stacy.

Shelly, Mandy, Jill, Ange, Geoff, Stacy, Carlie, Jessie, and Rylie.
Our family
Beautiful Norah. The girls put her feet in the water at the beach.
At the luncheon on the beach. 
Christian and Geoff. Christian was in Scott's BYU ward and was so good to Geoff. He babysat our kids a lot.

Lemon ravioli (yummy)
Chicken Sandwich.
How cute is this car.

Geoff and Stacy's wedding day was perfect. We had a lot of support. My dad and his wife Lila came from Northern Calif. Debbie and five of her kids came. All of Stacy's brothers and sisters came. Bishop Davies form our old ward and Bishop Mella Geoff and Stacy's Bishop. We are so happy to have Stacy in our family. Feel very blessed that they choose to be married in the San Diego Temple.