Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am not Jessie is!!!!!

I have been waiting for a long time for Jessie to post this on her blog. Well today is the day. We are soooooooo excited about have a grand baby!!! Check out Jessie's blog for all the details. Yesterday Rylie and I went to the doctors with Jessie to hear the heart beat. Yes I got a little teary eyed. What a blessing.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rylie cheering at a home game and her performance at half time

Carlie, Kelli, and Lydia.

Rylie is so cute when she cheers

Her squad. Cute girls
I had a video that I wanted to down load of their half time. But for some reason it will not down load. So sad it was a great dance and Rylie was so cute in it. She didn't want to do cheer but I made her. She loves it now.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Book of Mormon class.

Every Thursday I go to our stake Book of Mormon class. I love it. Last week we studied Alma 20-26 Great lesson in these chapters. (like most of the chapters in the Book of Mormon) Just a few things that I got out of it.

In His strength I can do all things.....

"Therefore have we not great reason to rejoice?"
" No one have hath told me save it be God".
"Went forth...led by the spirit of the Lord".
"Believe his the scriptures".
" I thank my Great God".
" The Lord worketh in many ways".
" The Lord granted unto them according to their prayers".
" Encircled about with the matchless bounty of his love"

More Christmas at the Cabin

Carlie playing wii sports.

Geoff opened a great new board game Stone Age. We loved it.
Geoff's got a gun. He loves it.

Jessie got Jason a new coat.

Jessie got a new sewing machine.
It didn't work so we went and got her a Bernina.
Rylie got a new camera

Carlie a new ipod.
My boys and their new PJs. (They hated them :)
Jason was nice and did wear them up at the cabin. But thats all. I don't think you will catch him or Geoff in them again.
I know this is alittle late but I wanted to post pictures. We had a great Christmas and felt the blessing of the Lord for family.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Carlie cheering for OHS basketball.

How cute is she.

Like I have said before. Carlie is so lucky to be able to cheer at Orem and go to school at Liahona Academy. She loves it. For her it is the best of both worlds. I hope you enjoy the video.

This is the cheer squad's half time dance.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year.

A little late but here is an update on our New Years Eve. Scott went up to the cabin with Geoff and a few of his friends. They had a great time playing games and doing some night sledding. Carlie and Rylie went to their friends Mel's for a New Years Eve party and I just stayed home for a relaxing evening. I had a great time and so did the everyone else. I hope next New Years Eve will be alittle more exciting for me.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas at the cabin. The outdoor fun.

Scott on his snowmobile.

Rylie and Jessie.
Jason, Carlie and Geoff.

Our cute Jessie.

Our cute Rylie.

Scott's new toy this year. The snow cat "Tucker."

Geoff on his snowmobile.


Jason snowboarding.

Our cute Carlie.
I have more pictures to come. But here are a few of the great activities that we do out side in the winter at our cabin. We have so much fun together as a family. I feel the blessings of the Lord. I love being a mother and a wife. Not always easy. But I love it.

Yay for Carlie!

They put her name on the plaque. We are so proud of her.

Rylie had a Holloween party.

Rylie, Carlie, and McCall

Rylie's cute group of friends.

I know this is a little late but I am trying to catch up on my blog. As you can see Rylie has a great group of friends. We had a great time and good food and fun costumes.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Rylie made this quilt!

Rylie made this quilt for Personal Progress inYW. I am very proud of her. She loves it. I can't say that she was loving it when she was sewing. But it turned out and she should be proud of her work.

Carlie and Sadie at Liahona

Carlie and her date Brandon Nichols.
Tie dying tee shirts .

Melanie Myler (Carlie's BFF) and her date R0ss.

My kitchen with a bunch of teenager getting ready to tie die shirts. Scarry.

They went to Bailey Hartley's home for dinner.

Carlie and Meliane

At the dance.

Carlie's friend Jordan Lenhart drove a 16 passanger van. Carlie said this was the most fun part of the dance, to all be together in the van. Carlie has such a fun group of friends. She is really blessed in the friend department. Good clean fun.

New Moon at midnight. Post is a little late. Sorry

All my family went. Even Scott. No picture of him but he was there.
Carlie and Rylie and all their friends.

We got matching shirts for the girls. Kristin Davenport from our ward put this night together. We had a big group and we went to her house for dinner before the movie. My girls love Kristin. She is one of their YW leaders. It was a fun night.