Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Clayton at Disneyland

Love this darling little boy!! He loves his aunts. 

Snap Chatting, Road Trip and Disneyland

Norah loving on Melanie Myler

Sometimes I think I am a teenager. I love Rylie's friends. They snap chat me sometimes and I love it!! They call me mama Barb. Sweet huh!!

Videos from Christmas

This is so funny

Christmas morning

 Stacy and Geoff (so cute)

 Our Carlie Carlie 
 Jason and his Wii U 
 Cute shoes my Stacy
 Pretty pretty Norah the princess
 Our cute Clayton

 Rylie loves her blanket 

All it did this year is SNOW at the Cabin. We really didn't play much outside because it keeps snowing and it was so cold!! We had a wonderful Christmas and feel so blessed to be away from the world and enjoy our family. When we did go out to play it was too cold so we spent most of the time in the Cabin. Granny gave us this game "Wits and Wagers" Our new favorite!! For sure!!! Ask an outrageous question.... Take a wild guess, because no one knows the answers to these questions. Thanks Granny!!

Video from Christmas morning at our Cabin

The magic of little children. It was so fun seeing the magic in Norah's eyes. Santa had eaten the crackers and drank the milk she left our for him. So fun!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Christmas Eve at the Cabin

We had a wonderful time at the cabin. This is pictures from Christmas eve. More to come. We probably had the best Christmas eve ever!! We read this great story The Large wooden apple box Given to me by my good friend Annette Harkness. Then we talked about doing sub for Santa's and we all shared. I remember being a recipient of a Sub for Santa when I was around the age of six. We were on a mission in Washington DC. Our door bell rang and someone had left a box full of presents for our family. Not knowing where they came from I asked my dad. He pointed to the sky and said "look there is Santa and his sleigh." I looked and I saw. I really did see Santa and his sleigh. Oh the magic of Christmas. My children shared memories that they had from doing sub for Santa. Geoff and Stacy have done sub for Santa the last two years on their own. Jessie and Jason also did a sub for Santa this year. They both shared their experience with us. The Spirit was there and a few tears were shed.  It was a great night to remember. Thanks to my family for bring the Spirit of Christ into our Christmas. Scott played the guitar and we sang Silent Night. (The Elder's don't sing)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christmas at the house/New Christmas tree and home made stockings

We got got an new Christmas tree and new decoration. Thanks to my good friend Jackie my tree was stunning!! I still have it up. I love the colors and the magic of this tree. I also make new stockings. We just decorate here but we celebrate at the Cabin (2007 Christmas)