Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aly's baby shower.

Great friends who came to the shower.
The present is bigger then Aly.

Aly Cook is one of my YW years ago. Her mother Rachel is a very dear friend of mine. A few of my friends got together and gave Aly a baby shower. It was a lot of fun. Aly got some great stuff. The food was great. We had a Penni bar. Thanks to Jackie Williamson. It was great. All the other food was also so yummy!!

Lindsey's baby shower.

Rylie, Carlie, Stacy and Norah.
Zeoy and Courtnay. 
Cute clothes for baby.
Car seat cover that I made for Lindsey.
Cute quilt that Judy made. 
More cute clothes.
Girls that I love.

Lindsey's friends gave her a baby shower. It was at Judy's home.  Cami my niece came down from SLC. Its always fun to see her. Lindsey got a lot of great gifts. It's always fun to shower the people you love with gifts.

The Helstens, Stacy's parents, came to the cabin for the Christmas holiday.

Sue playing Kinect 
Carlie playing Kinect
Granddaddy and Norah watching people play Kinect
We always enjoy a good puzzle.

We had a great time over the Christmas holiday at the cabin. We alway enjoy fun games and good fun. It was  fun to have Doug and Sue Helsten come and play with us.

Snow at the Cabin at Christmas.

We had a great time playing in the snow this winter at the cabin. For Christmas we had a ton of snow. It wasn't that great. We were not able to make a snowman because the snow was crusty. Sledding was fun but not the best. 

Christmas at the Cabin. I can't believe I missed this in December.

Jason's new shoes.
Jessie's new clothes.
Nutrimill. Jessie, Stacy and I got one.
Winchester. Toys for men.
Norah's new play thing.
Carlie's new phone.
Rylie's iPod touch
Stacy's new clothes.
Geoff's Kinect

Christmas at the cabin is always so fun. This was Geoff and Stacy's first Christmas together married. I hope she enjoyed the cabin for Christmas. We love it and we love having Stacy in our family. This was also Norah's 1st Christmas. We love Norah.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Liahona's big win!

There are those who believe in signs.
Then there are the Liahona Warriors.
Never mind that Wasatch Academy arrived boasting a 12-game winning streak and Liahona was still reeling from a three-point loss last Thursday.
Forget that Liahona had less than a month to recover from their last meeting with the Tigers, a 76-59 rout at Mt. Pleasant. Overlook the fact that the Warriors' leading scorer was mired in a slump, while the Tigers' main man was on a roll.
Ignore even the 'L' for Liahona and the 'W' in Wasatch Academy and any possible labels and conclusions found there.
Because that's exactly what the Warriors did Tuesday night in their 58-55 barn-burner win over the Tigers.
It was an exciting game and for Rylie a fun game to cheer at.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kinect with our scouts.

A few weeks ago one of scouts need to pass off a group game to earn an award. Any game would work. So we decided that the boys might like to play Kinect.  So after working on another badge we went and played Kinect. So every scout day the boys say " if we work hard and get this done fast can we play kinect before we go?" It seems to work well for us. I love seeing the boys work together and have fun. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Some sewing that I did for the some people that I love for Valentines day.

Cute dress for Norah.
I made aprons for Jessie and Stacy
I also made this one for Granny (Scott's mom)

It was fun. I think Norah's dress looked so cute on her. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My family at Brooke wedding reception.

Rylie, Lauren, Sam, Carlie, Lacey and Summer.
Sam and Carolyn. 
Mark and Debbie with their grandchildren.

My dad and his wife Lila.
My dad, Sam and Carolyn.
My dad with his granddaughters. 
My brother's Joe and Sam.