Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Surprise party for Rachel.

50 balloons

 We surprised Rachel at La Jolla Groves 
 Tammy, Kris, Jackie, Me, Jessie, Breta and Macie. Annette is taking the picture.
 Jackie made this cake. Believe me it tasted better then it looks. And wow look how good that looks.
 Rachel and James.
 We went around and told three things about Rachel that we liked. James was very sweet.

 The food was amazing!

Rachel is a wonderful friend to all. It was fun to surprise her and hear what everyone loved about Rachel. Everyone said something about her laugh. She has a great laugh and loves to laugh. Rachel is so Christ like and non judgmental. She is a amazing friend. Everyone loves Rachel.

Check out Jackie's blog for this beautiful cake.

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