Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday to my favorite son!!

Aren't you cute!
Being ordained to the Aaronic priesthood
One year old
Your first 4 wheeler 
Ryan Cope, Scott, his younger bother and some other kind and you are the cute one in the back with that cute smile. 
You always make us laugh.
One of your birthday party.
Uncle Geoff, and you are so good at it.
You and the love of your life.
Stacy and Geoff.

Happy Birthday Geoff. You are an amazing person with great things going for you. I couldn't be more proud of you!! You are an amazing hard worker, you are always the life of the party and the party planner. (Lucky Stacy) You are doing good things in your life and I know that the Lord is proud of you. Thanks for being my son. Giving me the blessing of being your mother and having many lessons to learn from it. I look forward to your temple wedding and bring Stacy into our family. I pray for many more birthday with great things to come in your life. You are amazing!!!

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