Monday, December 20, 2010

12.11.10 Geoff's and Stacy's wedding reception.

Stacy and Geoff. 
The Helsten family.

The Elder family.

Yummy food.

The food was so yummy!! Stacy's family did all the food. Amazing. The salads came for WinCo  supermarket. The cookies from Smart cookies in American Fork. Donuts from Krispy Kreme. Stacy's family made the dipped pretzels. My friends and I made the Oreo Pops. (thank you Jackie, Breta, and Rachael.)
I had someone call me today and ask who was our caterer. Way to go Helstens.
I want to thank everyone for their love and  support and coming to the reception. It was a great success. Geoff and Stacy felt very loved. Stacy said the other day that it was everything she dreamed of.


Juanita Victoria said...

Looks beautiful and fun!

Kylee said...

That reception was so fun! AND beautiful!
We'd love a Christmas card!
569 N 900 E Provo Utah 84606

Can't wait :)