Friday, December 17, 2010

Wedding Day.

Scott, Geoff and Jason.
Lila, Geoff, Stacy, and Grandpa Merrill.
Geoff, Bishop Mella and Stacy.

Shelly, Mandy, Jill, Ange, Geoff, Stacy, Carlie, Jessie, and Rylie.
Our family
Beautiful Norah. The girls put her feet in the water at the beach.
At the luncheon on the beach. 
Christian and Geoff. Christian was in Scott's BYU ward and was so good to Geoff. He babysat our kids a lot.

Lemon ravioli (yummy)
Chicken Sandwich.
How cute is this car.

Geoff and Stacy's wedding day was perfect. We had a lot of support. My dad and his wife Lila came from Northern Calif. Debbie and five of her kids came. All of Stacy's brothers and sisters came. Bishop Davies form our old ward and Bishop Mella Geoff and Stacy's Bishop. We are so happy to have Stacy in our family. Feel very blessed that they choose to be married in the San Diego Temple.


The Ashtons said...

Barb, I am so happy for you! I am happy for Geoff and Stacy too, of course, but am ESPECIALLY happy for you! :) You are a good, good, mom. Have a Merry Christmas! We'll be in Santa Clara with my mom and dad. Can't wait!

Jacqueline said...

I really love that you preceeded this with your engagement and wedding photos. How wonderful 27 years! You guys were so cute, Scott looks so much like Geoff.

The wedding and luncheon look fabulous. Wish I could have made it, hate those December weddings!
Wow, isn't that temple incredible, what great pictures it takes.