Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Liahona's big win!

There are those who believe in signs.
Then there are the Liahona Warriors.
Never mind that Wasatch Academy arrived boasting a 12-game winning streak and Liahona was still reeling from a three-point loss last Thursday.
Forget that Liahona had less than a month to recover from their last meeting with the Tigers, a 76-59 rout at Mt. Pleasant. Overlook the fact that the Warriors' leading scorer was mired in a slump, while the Tigers' main man was on a roll.
Ignore even the 'L' for Liahona and the 'W' in Wasatch Academy and any possible labels and conclusions found there.
Because that's exactly what the Warriors did Tuesday night in their 58-55 barn-burner win over the Tigers.
It was an exciting game and for Rylie a fun game to cheer at.

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