Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas morning

 Stacy and Geoff (so cute)

 Our Carlie Carlie 
 Jason and his Wii U 
 Cute shoes my Stacy
 Pretty pretty Norah the princess
 Our cute Clayton

 Rylie loves her blanket 

All it did this year is SNOW at the Cabin. We really didn't play much outside because it keeps snowing and it was so cold!! We had a wonderful Christmas and feel so blessed to be away from the world and enjoy our family. When we did go out to play it was too cold so we spent most of the time in the Cabin. Granny gave us this game "Wits and Wagers" Our new favorite!! For sure!!! Ask an outrageous question.... Take a wild guess, because no one knows the answers to these questions. Thanks Granny!!

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