Sunday, January 3, 2016

Todd gets a new calling.

Todd got called to serve as the 2nd Counselor in the Prove YSA 41st ward in the  Provo YSA stake, Bishopric serving with Bishop Serenson and 1st Counselor is David Graig. This will be a great adventure and experience for both  Todd and Rylie. Todd shared his testimony. These are his words "I do know that Jesus Christ lives, I know that he loves each one of us, I know the Church is true. Every time I read the Book of Mormon I feel the spirit and I know that it is true. It draws us closer to God and can calm us in these scary times. I know that families can be together for ever. I know that the temple seal us together and we can have joy." 
Rylie shared her testimony also. These are Rylie's words. "She is excited and humbled to be here. I know this Church is true and that families can be together for ever. I love this Gospel with all my heart you will learn that from me. 
They are going to love this calling and they make a great team! 

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